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4 ‘WTF’ One Direction Rumors That Plagued The Boyband

4 ‘WTF’ One Direction Rumors That Plagued The Boyband

It’s been more than four years since Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis called it quits and waved goodbye to their millions of adoring fans as part of One Direction.

Since then, all four (as well as departing member Zayn) have gone on to release their own music, star in talent shows or even have their own mini-mes, but there are some 1D rumors that simply won’t shift, even if the band is no longer performing.

Gossip Socks has rounded up four of the most unusual…

Harry and Louis were an item

Perhaps one of the most perplexing rumors that blighted One Direction during their six-year run was Larry Stylinson. Huh? Yeah, we hadn’t heard of that member either. But according to some of the group’s most die-hard fans, Harry and Louis were hiding a secret: they were living together in a secret gay relationship.

The two lads have rubbished the rumors time and time again, but fans are still adamant that there’s more than meets the eye with Larry…

Louis recently opened up about the rumor, telling a British newspaper that “It actually felt a little bit disrespectful to Eleanor, who is my girlfriend.

"It made everything, on both fences, unapproachable. I think it shows that it was never anything real if I can use that word.”

The band hates each other

Another commonly-cited rumor is that One Direction hated each other. Sure, spending your days and weeks on a tour bus with four other bandmates must be straining, but the group has said that any rumors of disagreements and fall-outs are purely tabloid speculation.

In a recent interview, Niall said that “I think the media started to turn all of these words and make it seem like we all hate each other and One Direction will never happen again, which is complete bullsh*t. It definitely will. We're just enjoying our time.” Reunion coming soon?!

Zayn didn’t like the other boys

Okay, so this one is actually true. Zayn sensationally quit the group in 2015, a year before their split, and said that “We went from theatres to arenas to stadiums. There was never any sort of bridge. Just boom, boom, boom. I guess that kind of progression to any mind - but especially when you're 17, 18 - it kind of effects you.

"People take it in different ways - especially when there are five different personalities. The relationships had broken apart.” Ouch! Looks like those fans holding out for a five-piece reunion are going to be disappointed.

The band got an STD from a koala bear

This is one we’ve heard time and time again - but it’s not true! During a 2012 visit to Australia Harry and Liam were urinated on by koalas, and as most of those fluffy bears are infected with chlamydia, the boys were naturally worried.

Luckily, though, everything was fine - 1D lived to fight another day and their intimate health was nothing to worry about. Phew-ee!

There you have it - four crazy rumors that plagued One Direction.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know by getting in touch or sending us a message on social media.