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Lady Gaga’s Transformation From A Monster To An Oscar-nominee

Lady Gaga’s Transformation From A Monster To An Oscar-nominee

Lady Gaga wasn’t always an elegant Oscar-nominated actress, collaborating with names such as Tony Bennett, Elton John, and Metallica.

Once, she was a Monster. Okay, okay, not in the literal sense, but Mother Monster has come a long way in her ten-year career, and we thought we’d share the gossip on how Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta made the jump from dive-bar singer to one of the world’s biggest - and most respected - figures of our time.

She started chasing Fame

Lady Gaga became a household name when she released her first album, The Fame, which came with songs like Just Dance, Poker Face, and Paparazzi.

At the time, her music was revolutionary, and her music videos and out-of-this-world performances put her on the map. Who can forget her incredible 2009 VMAs performance, where she was covered in blood?


Then became a Monster

As her performance style grew, Gaga knew she had to up her game if she wanted to become the star she thought she’d be. In 2009, she re-released her album with eight new songs, including Bad Romance, Telephone, and Alejandro.

The singer performed new material to thousands of fans around the world on her Monster Ball tour and became the most followed person on Twitter. The album helped her win a slew of awards, including her first Grammys.

She was Born This Way

If there’s one thing Gaga will be known for, it’s her introduction to Born This Way, where she wore a meat dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to highlight her frustration for the US military's don't-ask-don't-tell policy.

Her appearance sparked debate and saw the DADT policy banned, allowing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to enter the military.

ARTPOP came next

Gaga’s next album came in 2012, featuring Applause, G.U.Y and the controversial Do What U Want featuring R Kelly, which the singer has since removed from iTunes and Spotify. This was the album that changed Gaga forever - it was critically panned and performed poorly in comparison to previous work, and her Paparazzi video became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

A four-year break

After the backlash of her fourth album, Gaga took some time away from the pop world and got to work on new projects. She released a Jazz album with Tony Bennet, went on to star in two American Horror Story seasons, and released ‘Til It Happens To You, a song about rape.

Gaga’s time away from the Billboard charts allowed her to experiment, and it was then that she met with Bradley Cooper and announced plans to act in the A Star is Born remake.

Back with Joanne

In 2016, Gaga released her fifth studio album, Joanne, a homage to her aunt, who died before she was born. The album performed well, despite Gaga taking a different tone and releasing a collection of stripped-back, country-inspired tracks.


Perfect Illusion, Joanne, and Million Reasons were the three biggest hits and reminded everyone why we fell in one with Gaga in the first place - her implacable songwriting, storytelling, and her unmistakable voice. She showed off her music at the 2017 SuperBowl, becoming the most-watched Half Time performer of all time. Pretty impressive stuff for an American-Italian with a pipedream…

The critically-acclaimed A Star is Born

During the same period, Gaga got to work filming A Star Is Born, and the movie was officially released in 2018. Featuring the song Shallow, Gaga would go on to have another number one single and album stateside and in countries around the world, and her name was back in lights.

Attending awards shows, junkets, and red carpets as a fully-fledged movie star, Gaga is rumored to have been offered roles in a whole host of movies. The future’s very bright!

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