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Speedball Game Kit

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Looking for a new summer game to to kick some a** at? Speedball is a unique, fun, competitive way to play outside with your best buddies, while still showing everyone who's the boss of the ball.


Easy to learn. After 10 minutes you'll be hitting MONSTER spikes and playing amazing points.

Play anywhere. All you need is 4 people and some open space. People play on the beach, in their backyard, the basement, gym class, you name it.

Active. There's a 100% chance this game gets you moving and a 75% chance you’ll break a sweat (99% chance if you really want to win).

As competitive as you want to be. Play casually or for keeps. Your call :)

Package includes

3x Standard Balls
1x Carrying Bag
1x Net
5x Arc Tube
5x Leg Bracket
1x Inflator Pump