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Smartphone Lens Kit

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TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, a girl on all the apps needs to post the best pics of herself and her life. With this set of 9 clip-on lenses for her iPhone, she can capture pictures with everything from a fish eye lens to a lens that gives her light source a cool starburst effect.
Our pro lens kit for iphone and andriod is a perfect friend for you to take. No more heavy SLR and lens, with our lens kit, you can get the same photos like SLR - without distortion, dark corner, reflections, lens flare, and other artifacts. The travel case prevent all lens kit components from dust and scratches.
Product specifications
  • Zoom Telephoto Lens
  • 198° Fisheye
  • 0.35X Super Wide-Angle
  • 20X Macro Lens
  • 0.63X Wide Lens
  • CPL Filter Lens
  • Kaleidoscope Lens
  • Starburst for Samsung Android Smartphone
  • Travel case